Boards & Commissions

The Kimberling City Board of Aldermen created a number of committees and boards to engage members of the our Community in their government. Joining a committee is a great way to get involved!

Board of Aldermen

Christian Martin, Alderman Ward I
Virgil Moore, Alderman Ward I
Tim Weyers, Alderman Ward II
Philip Korem, Alderman Ward II

Economic Development

Tim Hejleck - Chair
Grant Beasley
Leona Baughman
Charles Hackmann

Stephana Bekebrede
Gerry Hogan
Kevin Canino
Tim Weyers - Alderman Ward II

Park Board

Korina Jones - Chair
Diane Arnold
Jan Beezley
Chad Swanson
Sandi Erwin

Virgil Moore - Alderman Ward I

Planning & Zoning

Jason Hulliung - Chair
Stephen Babbit
Don Bohenna
Brian Cogdill
Gary Fultz
Tracy Hudson

Chris Rickard
Steven Van Der Steen
Christian Martin - Alderman Ward I

Police Board

Jerry Jenkins - Chair
Brad Harrison
Mike LaRiviere
Gary Lewis

Lee Verrill
Philip Korem - Alderman Ward II

Volunteer? Would you like to be on a board or commission and give back to your community?  If so, please fill out the form below and return it to City Hall.