What Licenses Are Required in the City?

Licenses Required:

Business Licenses- The City of Kimberling City requires licenses for any Business that will have a location inside city limits. Business must have licenses in place before opening, and must renew each year by June 30 to avoid any interruption in day to day business.

Liquor Licenses- Liquor licenses are required for any business that will be selling liquor either by the drink, or package. The Board of Alderman approve each liquor license that is applied for and the business much provide copies of the County, and State licenses before a City license will be issued. Liquor licenses need to be renewed by June 30 each year to avoid interruption in liquor sales.

Contractor licenses- Contractor licenses are also required for any contractor working inside the cit limits. Contractors can renew their licenses each year on the due date, or they can wait until they have a job in the area. Contractors much have an active license to pull building permits for the work being done. 

Permits Required:

Building Permits- Building permits are required for any building, accessory structure, or type of construction that will require an inspection once the work is completed. Cosmetic projects (carpet, painting etc) do not require permits. 

Sign permits- A sign permit is required for any sign/sign reface being done in the City. a copy of the sign itself along with placement and size will be required and will need to be approved before the sign permit is issued for work to begin.

Golf Cart/ATV permits- Golf carts/ATV's are allowed to be driven on City streets and Highway 13 can be crossed. A registration sticker must be purchased each year if you will be driving on City streets. This includes turning in an application and showing proof of insurance for the vehicle. Each registration costs $15.00.

Garage Sale permit- Garage sales held in the city limits require a permit. A person can have 4 garage sale a year (not including the city wide sale in Septemeber) each sale must be at least 30 days apart and can be held up to 4 days in a row. The cose is $1.00 a day.

Dog Tags- Dogs who live inside the City limits are required to be permitted. Current shot records need to be brought to City Hall each year in October and a new dog tag will be issued. Each tag costs $3.00.