Facility Rentals

Kimberling City, City Hall has a Community Center that can be rented out for meetings and events. Depending on the type of event a deposit may be required to reserve the room. A fee of $12.00 an hour will be charged when paperwork is submitted and keys are picked up before the event.

To reserve the room, or ask any questions please contact City Hall 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, 417-739-4903.

A Community Center Rental Agreement will need to be filled out once dates have been checked to make sure the room is available. 

Community Center Rental - Usage Rules and Regulations

Located at 34 Kimberling Blvd. Kimberling City MO 65686
Phone: Community Center Rentals

The Community Center is a non-smoking, alcohol free, community facility and is available to anyone that lives or works within the City of Kimberling City.


  1. Reservations will be on a first-come, first-serve basis at City Hall

  2. A deposit and fee must be paid to reserve a date. A reservation shall only be secured after a rental agreement has been signed and the deposit and fee paid.

  3. Cancellations - City Hall shall be notified of any reservation that is to be cancelled. Cancellations made 10 days prior to the rental period are allowed. No refunds of the fees paid shall be made for any cancellation after that time.

  4. Deposits will be returned if the building is cleaned and in proper order after your event.

  5. Keys for access to the building must be arranged prior to the event with the City Hall.

  6. Groups with repeating weekday reservations will be required to make a one-time $100.00 deposit for their activity, per year. The deposit is refundable at the end of the activity year.

Rental & Deposit Fees

Rental   Group (Parties)

Deposit: $100.00

Refundable Fee: $12.00/ hour

Group   Meetings/Associations

Deposit: $0.00

Refundable Fee: $12.00/ hour

Activities & Supervision

  1. Music is permitted inside the Community Center only.

  2. Decorations are permitted

    1. No decorations shall be hung from fixtures.

    2. Masking tape is the only acceptable fastener to be used on walls.

    3. No tape is permitted on the ceiling acoustical panels or ceiling grids.

    4. Decorating and removal of decorations must be accomplished within the time period reserved and shown on the rental agreement.

    5. Smoking is not permitted within the building. Smoking is only permitted 50 ft. from the entrance door to the community center.

    6. Alcohol is not permitted in the building or on the premises.

    7. Animals (except registered service dogs) are not allowed in the Center.

    8. The facility must be cleaned, vacated and locked by 11:00 PM of the reservation end date.

    9. The responsible renting party must be 25 years of age or older.

    10. It shall be the responsibility of the renter to obtain any necessary permits or licenses required, and to abide by all state laws, as well as all city ordinances, resolutions and policies.

    11. It shall be the responsibility of the renter to ensure that the size of the group assembling does not exceed the maximum capacity of 320 or 200 if both chairs and tables are being used for the large meeting room and 45/32 for the small conference room.

10. A City of Kimberling City Police Officer or any other employee of the city shall have the right to enter the premises at any time before, during or after the event to ensure room regulations are being properly followed.

11. The City of Kimberling City is not responsible for any articles left, lost or stolen on the rented premises.

12. Chaperones shall be provided, by the renter, as follows:

  • Civic Activity:

                                          I.    50 minors or less – 2 chaperones
                                          ii.    51-100 minors – 3
                                          iii.    101-150 minors – 4
                                          iv.    151-200 – 5

  • Social Activity:

                                          I.    25 minors or less – 2
                                          ii.    26-75 minors – 3
   iii.    76-100 minors – 4
           iv.    100 or more – 6

  • Alternative Option -  2 Chaperones and 1 Police Officer (at renter’s expense), that would satisfy total requirements.

  • Co-ed groups must have sufficient male and female chaperones.

13. The City of Kimberling City shall not be liable for any injuries, death or property damage arising out of the use by the renter of the Center and the renter agrees to hold the City harmless.

14. Renters must provide their own plates, tablecloths, cups, silverware, and utensils to prepare/serve food. Renters must also need to their own dish soap, towels, etc. for proper clean up.

Clean-Up Procedures

Activities must be over and the facility cleaned, vacated and locked within the time period reserved. It shall be the responsibility of the Renter to clean the facility as follows:

  1. Wipe, clean & dry all tables, chairs, counters and appliances so they are clean.

  2. Take down and put away all tables and chairs.

  3. Put all tables and chairs away in the proper storage carts and storage room.

  4. Garbage bags are provided. Gather garbage from the interior cans and take out to the dumpster's located outside of the building. New, clean bags should be placed into all waste containers located inside the building. Recyclables can be bagged separately and the City will dispose of them properly.

  5. Sweep and mop all floors.

  6. All food must be removed.

  7. All decorations are to be removed.

  8. All lights are to be turned off.

  9. All doors and windows should be closed and properly locked.

 The renter agrees to pay for damages from misuse, failure to properly lock the building and/or additional time required to clean and/or restore the facility. Charges will first be deducted from the deposit.

 If the room is left in proper order and all guidelines are followed, the deposit will be returned to the renter within 10 business days following your event.

 If you should find the Center in poor condition upon entering it for the first time on the reservation date, please contact the Kimberling City employee.

 Community Center Lock Up Instructions

  1. Unlock and lock entrance doors with Hex Key. Push in bar and insert key in hole and turn to lock.

  2. Place key in the blue lock box located in the front of city hall when event completed and doors are locked.

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