Wastewater Treatment

Kimberling City Wastewater Treatment Facility

  • Operation and maintenance of our .480 mgd. sewer treatment facility.

  • Daily testing of effluent ensuring water going out is at the highest possible quality.

  • Inspections preformed by the Department of Natural Resources on a routine basis.

  • Maintenance of 14 lift stations.

  • Maintenance of collection system and over 750 grinder pumps.

Emergency Sewer or Grinder Pump Repair
Call Emergency Sewer
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week

The City of Kimberling City is responsible for issues with the sewer lines from the grinder pump to the main and beyond.

The home owner is responsible for any issues with the sewer line(s) from the grinder pump to the home.

See Swer Rate Analysis - Carl Brown 2019